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What is e commerce?

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, refers to transactions over the Internet. Every time individuals and companies buy or sell products and services online, they engage in e-commerce. The term e-commerce also includes other functions including online auctions, internet banking, payment gateways, and online tickets.


Your website is more than a brochure. Your website will inspire action. At Digital Boss, websites give the user a clear path to this action. Useful information is easy and compelling to read, while strong calls to action will push them to the next stage of the buyer’s journey. With clean and intuitive UI / UX design, mobile compatibility, and faster page load speeds, you will find complete purchases, higher average order value, and improved ROI for your online store with our E-commerce Website Development Services.


In Digital Boss, we create attractive, eye-catching websites, of course, but the whole design starts with understanding your business goals and a strategic approach to achieving them. Shopify Development Services & magento Ecommerce Development Services in India at reasonable prices.

What does your e-commerce website need to succeed?

When we create e-commerce websites, we focus on functionality, features and design. Your online business will have a beautiful, personalized web presence, but you’ll also need the standard features of today’s successful online stores and shopping cart sites to achieve your e-commerce sales goals. As a business owner, you need tools that match your business processes and management features to manage your website. Continue reading to learn more about these tools.


Content Management

What’s the story behind your product? You need news, blogs, and articles that tell the stories behind what you sell. You need an intuitive content management system to make these stories as easy as possible. New pages can be easily created and edited at any time. Make sure you can add images, link to product pages, set up SEO elements and archive posts in a user-friendly way to generate interest and create easily shareable assets on social media.

Promotion and Discount Tools

Everyone wants a sale! Your website should have an easy-to-manage system for generating and managing discount codes. Whether it’s a percentage discount or a limited-time price discount, you should easily set parameters and limits that define the way customers can find and use advertising discounts.

Recommended Pages and Related Products

People love to browse and share, so make it easy for them! Use pattern recognition to show site visitors the products they see. Predictive text filling makes it easy to auto-fill search bar suggestions when users search for specific products they want. Focus on promotional and seasonal items. Users can send items they want to friends by incorporating the “sharing” function.

Product filtering

Allow your customers to create their own shopping experience by allowing them to filter by category pages. If they are able to sort by price, popularity, or relevance, they can know the items they really want to see. Don’t forget to use the “Quick Preview” feature so they don’t have to click on the product page until they’re interested in learning more.

Reporting tools

Without analyzing customer behavior, how can you expect to improve? Lounge Lizard can provide you with an interactive management dashboard that clearly displays user demographics, including sales, new customers turning up, best-selling products, and most used discount codes. Stay on top of your inventory, identify customer behavior patterns, and more, with an easy-to-understand report location.

Good ecommerce website design is the key to conversion

Professionally designed and developed e-commerce is the most important element of web design and the key to your online success. Customers need to get the wow factor from your site so they stay engaged. This is how to make sales. The design and development of your company’s e-commerce platform should be well organized, easy to navigate and function properly. Digital Boss has been building e-commerce websites with a proven track record for starting successful online businesses.



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