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How to Build ROI-Driven Inbound Marketing Campaigns


Inbound marketing has proven to be very effective in helping small-scale companies achieve business-related goals.


This marketing process involves a series of data-driven key initiatives. But a key component to making any marketing campaign active and successful is making sure that every action is objective.


Aligning methods/tactics to business goals is important from start to finish. Because it promises that every effort will have an impact on the long-term goals of the business (be it big or small) – and this is the bottom line of what we do.


Understanding what your customer or your own business needs to achieve is imperative, as it is easy to determine which marketing channels to tap and use.

There are many online marketing practices in the field of inbound marketing, and there are a ton of ways to ensure that each approach is driven as a result.


Key research, content strategy and consumer insights


The best way to improve search engines and search engines is to be able to provide your target audience with the information they are looking for (very detailed). All of this boils down to understanding what your target audience wants, needs, and wants.


Again, goal setting plays a big role in creating SEO and a solid content strategy. Determine how your content will contribute to your company and consider them as helpful brand assets:


Build power and strengthen brand presence.

Create leads and/or close sales.

Grow potential customers and retain existing customers.


Authority Building


Establishing your brand as an authority or expert in your field can greatly impact how people interact with your brand – which often leads to better search visibility (because Google likes brands) and better conversions.


Aside from helping to improve brand equity, being an authority can have an indirect, but positive impact on a brand’s market and mind share.


That’s why investing in building a strong online brand presence is so important these days, as it can be an unfair advantage to a business that competes with online driven customers.


So, What are the steps companies can take to make themselves an authority in their online space?


Content development


Not just great content – but content that is definitely useful and compelling to your audience is the most basic step to empowering the web.


These insights can help you develop a strong content strategy based on your competitors ’shortcomings and performance.




Aim to become a top player in your industry. Because once you have already proven your brand as an authority, it will be easier to expand and target a wider audience.


Getting additional coverage for your content and press references for your brand (through online/offline functions) will be much easier if your unique value proposition sets you apart from the rest of your competition.


Strategic Content Partnerships


Build relationships and partnerships with other known publications in your industry. Identify sites where your target audience is and make your brand more visible on these channels:


Active participation in discussions of their communities (blogs, forums etc…)

Regularly contribute content to get more readers to your site (guest columns).

Invites their editors to contribute content to your site.

These partnerships can be a powerful asset that can bring continuous targeted traffic to your site, and improve social resources (which can build trust and brand sentiment).

Email Marketing and List Building

The more you drive targeted traffic to your site through search and empowerment (through content, strategic partnerships, link development, social media, etc.), the more important it is for your company to have a strong growing audience.

This is where email marketing comes in. Because this is the channel you have full control over. A strong email list can provide your business with the ability to attract visitors (who already know who you are) whenever you need them, and there are more chances to convert.


The key to creating a strong email list starts with creating the right traffic to your site, as there are reasons to sign up for them – which will make it easier to grow your list.


The most important aspects of the list structure, including:


Placing custom forms in the most traffic-heavy areas of the site

Integrate your mailing list with other sites.

Offer special to subscribers


Understanding the data and results of your inbound marketing efforts is crucial because it provides insights into how you can scale and transform your campaign effectively.


Data simply guides the actions of your campaigns, and it allows you to find additional opportunities that have not yet optimized your site.

There are several metrics that you should look closely at in Google Analytics to help improve your overall marketing efforts:

Top Content Assets (Content> Site Content> Landing Pages) with high engagement rate and conversions.

Best Traffic Sources – Including each source’s engagement rate, and conversion data.


Best Alternative Paths (Changes> Multiple Channel Operations> Best Alternative Paths) – Determine which areas of your campaign are driving the most conversions to the site.


Once you have measured the results of your campaign and analyzed your data, you can come up with the steps needed to further improve your results from a transformational standpoint.


Here are some samples of areas you can analyze and improve with analytics data:

Help Changes – Helps you know which sites are sending you traffic with the most conversions, and use them (eg making them more content to get more traffic or creating 2-tier links to link pages that send more traffic/changes).


Identifying the Most Effective Channels – For example, your SEO efforts can generate more targeted traffic and conversions (if your site has already increased its ranking power), more landing pages that target other business terms, and longer tail keywords. The same approach may apply to content and community, where you can create more content assets based on your campaign’s past successful / failed assets (and which channels are more effective in terms of advertising).




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