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SEO has a lot of dimensions. It’s not as easy as looking for high-value keywords. But do you really need a particular SEO campaign? What’s the on-page SEO  anyway? Do you really need it for your business? Will Onpage SEO Services take your site toward rankings on Search Engines.


On-page SEO  is an umbrella term for all on-page ranking factors that decide the ranking success of a webpage for a specific keyword – different pages target different keywords. On-page SEO has one main distinction from off-page SEO: you have direct control of its efficiency. Off-page or off-site primarily includes link building and other strategies that do not require enhancement within the website itself. Choose Best On Page SEO Company India – Digital Boss, to get your site to a new level of Search Engine Friendliness.

On Page Audit Process

Keyword Placement

Keywords must be found in various sections of the document, including:
  • URLs 
  • Page title
  • Content headings 
  • Content body 
  • Image Alt attributes

Frequency of Keywords

The Keyword frequency formula is: the keyword instance divided by the total number of words in the body of the text. This typically refers to the content of a page.

Effective Use of Keywords

Apart from appropriate placement and frequency, you can also use keywords in context. This is especially important for URLs and page titles. The general theme of the website can be seen in the keywords inside the URLs and page titles.

Keyword Updates

Keyword research is a continuous process. Search habits shift from month to month, and you’ll need to update keywords, particularly if they’re no longer providing the desired results.

Alt Attributes

Enable search engines to crawl images and multimedia content with concise names and keyword-infused alt tags.

Link Building

Link Building is not unique to SEO off-page construction. By creating on-page links, you can create internal strong links that connect to other sites or sections of your website. This makes the exploration of content simpler.

Updated Content

Do you have a daily schedule to post content on your website? New content helps both the SERPs and the clients. Contents such as blog posts and web listing copies may be strongly rated in SERPs. Fresh and appropriate content can also add to the integrity of your website.

Site Performance

Sluggish website is what you want to stop at all costs. It’s not good all around, particularly for your bounce rate and search engine ranking.

Competitor Research

Checking out your competition is another way to test the SEO strategies of your website. Objectively make observations on important aspects of optimization, particularly the keywords for which they are ranked, and how you can bid directly for such keywords or need to develop weaknesses in your SEO on-page.



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